Unveiling The Trespasser’s Garden

A peek at invasive plant studies from my project sketchbook...
A peek at invasive plant studies from my project sketchbook…

I am excited to announce that I have been awarded a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant for 2015!  This funding will aid me in the creation of a new series of reduction woodcut prints incorporating collagraphs created from invasive plant materials.  These works will explore the ecology of invasive plants and concerns associated with their introduction into Minnesota’s environment.  This new body of work, entitled The Trespasser’s Garden will be unveiled at a solo exhibition during November 2015 at Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts (BLCA).  Accompanying the exhibition, I will host a workshop at the BLCA guiding participants through the process of creating and printing collagraph plates made with invasive plants.

In this state, where so many are concerned about and committed to environmental quality, discussion of the implications of our actions in an ever-changing landscape is demanded by many Minnesotans.  We now live in the Anthropocene, where humanity influences and affects all things; only through knowledge, creativity and dialogue can we learn to coexist with each other and our environment in this new and volatile epoch.

I would like to thank the Minnesota State Arts Board and Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts for this opportunity and for their support of my growing artistic career.

This blog will chronicle my creative process as I develop works for The Trespasser’s Garden over the next nine months.  Please check back frequently for new posts, pictures and updates.


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