IMG_3888Little helicopters spiral and flit in the breeze. A gust of wind has sent them on their journey; the flight of the whirlybirds. As a child I imagined these little paired winglets were the delicate ephemera of the fairy world or the leathery appendages of tiny dragons. In those days, I knew magic was real. I could see it everywhere. It was in the chrysalis which became the butterfly, in the puff of white from a dandelion, in the weightlessness of a sparrow in flight. Some of the mystery is gone now for science has taught me about the butterfly’s metamorphosis and the aerodynamics of a bird. I know that those tiny pixie wings are simply samaras: the seeds of maple trees.
IMG_4049Making art about the invasive yet beautiful Amur maple has sent my imagination twisting about with the samaras on the wind. While I hope I am exploring the copious spread of the tree, my creative mind is half stuck in the clouds. The colors I have printed are a bit otherworldly and the composition is expansive without a horizon like a dreamland from my childhood. I think, in the end, despite science’s answers to so many questions, I still find maple samaras mystical like so many other tiny wonders of the natural world. It would be untruthful to deny that mysticism in my work. After all, while the days when I imagined dragons and fairy folk have long gone, when maple seeds whirl about the sky, I still find myself daydreaming of secret dimensions glimpsed only when the rational mind has ceded its control. Perhaps it is in nature where magic still exists.IMG_4044


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